Combined Rice Milling Machines

4-6LN-20-15SA type husking combined rice machine

Double-layer Drum Cleaning, Destoning, Husking, Separating, Whitening, Grading 
by ONE-TIME operation
Product Introduction 
6LN-20/15SA Combined Rice Milling Machine is combined by TZQY54 drum paddy cleaner, QSX45 de-stoner, 8-inch rubber roller husker, gravity paddy separator, large volume inhale-air emery roller rice mill, rice grader, Elevators. Revolutionally equipped with drum type cleaning machine which engifted very strong cleaning efficiency, great brown rice separating and rice whitening performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high productivity, reducing the leftovers at the maximum level; with direct optional brown rice outlet, provides users with a flexible multifunctional rice milling solution. At the meantime, we reserved the possibility to match the follow up equipment such as multi-layer rice grader, rice polisher, color sorter etc., to improve the milling performance or extending its functions.
husking combined rice machine

1 Feeding Hopper 2 Single Elevator
3 TZQY54 Drum Type Paddy Cleaner 4 QSX45 Destoner
5 Double Elevator 6 MLGT20 8-inch Rubber Roller Husker
7 MGCZ70×6 Gravity Paddy Separator 8 15 Large Volume Inhale-air Emery Roller Rice Mill
9 Rice Grader 10 Electric Control Box

Product Features
  • Unibody base designed for convenient transportation and installation, stable operation, low space occupation.
  • High efficiency double-layer drum type cleaning sieve, strong precleaning performance.
  • It improves production efficiency by the unique rehulling leftover paddy design.
  • Innovative emery roller whitening technology, low rice temperature, less bran remains, improves the rice quality.
  • Smooth processing flow, easy operation for just one person.
  • Independent safe electric control system for more convenient operation.
  • Improved transmission system extends duration of consumption parts
  • Modula design, reserves connectivity with follow up equipments to double mill, grade and sorte for better rice quality.
  • Low investment and high yield

Core competitiveness


Unique DRUM TYPE Combined Paddy Cleaner and De-stoner

  • Independent structures for paddy cleaning and de-stoning, greatly improved the performance from traditional unibody design;
  • The double-layer drum type sieve mechanism with high cleaning efficiency;
  • Strong air-suction structured de-stoner, large air volume, excellent de-stoning efficiency;
  • Solid shock absorption bearing strengthened the main machine by high stablility, low vibration, low noise and less dust while working.


High efficiency, low noise husker

  • Double support mobile gearbox husker integrated reversing gearbox and mobile tightening device, efficiently avoided miscoordination between swinging gears.
  • Over 90% de-hulling rate for one time operation.
  • Durable rubber roller, convenient operation and calibration, high transmission efficiency, low noise and high stability.


Innovated inhale-air emery rice mill

  • Emery rice mill equipped with a large diameter hollow spindle and innovative Emery roller whitening mechanism design.
  • Strong inhale-air fan sucks in large volume air through milling chamber to reduce rice temperature thus bring down the broken rate, at the mean time bring away the brans to clean the rice and increase the gloss of whitened rice.
  • Lower operation platform, more convenient operation and daily maintenance.


Stable gravity paddy separator

  • Bigger screen with high separation speed and even paddy distribution.
  • The horizontal and vertical angles of the screen are adjustable, suitable for all kinds of paddy, great screening and separating efficiency.
  • Low left paddy for rehusking, reduce the broken rate efficiently.

If you want to improve the rice quality, we recommend follow up optional equipments,


Multi-layer Rice Grader

  • The multi-layer rice grader is applied to grade the milled rice by fine rice, heavily broken rice and lightly broken rice.
  • It also applies to the separation of the similar partical materials.


Color sorter 

The color sorter sortes out small lesion, rice husk, grass seed, light yellow rice, white belly rice, mildewed rice and stones from fine rice efficiently.



Rice Polisher

The equipment is used for polishing white rice in the rice milling process, further improving the precision and smoothness of white rice, improving the quality and commercial value of rice, improving the antioxidant capacity of rice, prolonging the shelf life of rice, and is the key equipment for producing high quality polished rice.



Electronic Packing Scale

  • Using imported sensors and pneumatic actuators, it is reliable in operation, simple maintenance and no pollution.
  • The machine casing adopts advanced spray-molding technology, and the contact parts are made of imported stainless steel with high anti-corrosion capability and long lifespan. The communication interface is reserved to implement data communication with the host computer.
  • Optional automatic hot coding, automatic sewing, automatic cutting etc.

Main configuration and technical parameters
Model&Spec. 6LN-20/15SA
Output(kg/h) 800-1000
Rice milling rate (%) 68-72%
Cleaner and de-stoner TZQY54/QSX45
Husker MLGT20
Paddy separator MGCZ70×6
Rice mill NF15A(1pc)
Rice grader Basic rice grader
Rice polisher /
Single elevator DTG19/8-1pc
Double elevator DTG19/8-8
Power(kw) 25.32
Overall dimension(mm) 3300×1200×3400

Process flow diagram

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