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What are the components of the gravity valley separator?

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Update time : 2019-01-07 16:17:51
Rice processing is generally carried out by a rubber roller tamping machine, but it is difficult to remove the shell in one step. This is to separate the rice and brown rice by the gravity valley separator, so that the husk without the shell can be used. Go back to the Shibuya machine to shell. So what are the components of the gravity valley rough separator? The gravity grain coarse separation sieve is composed of eight components such as a feeding and sizing device, a material distributing device, a separating box body, a discharging device, a supporting adjusting mechanism, an eccentric transmission mechanism, a spring buffer device and a machine base.
What are the components of the gravity valley separator?
1. Feeding and screeding device: It is provided with uniform slab, large miscellaneous screen, screed feeding board and adjustable scraping board. The coarse mixture of the grain flows in from the feed inlet, passes through the homogenizing plate and then enters the large miscellaneous screen to remove large impurities; then reaches the screed feeding plate, and further scrapes the material by the adjustable scraping plate during the forward feeding. And then sent to the dispensing device.

2. Dispensing device: consists of six to twelve troughs, connected to the feeding and refining device, and connected to the six to twelve separate sieve plates in the separation box, by adjusting the partition on the material distribution device. The material flow rate on each layer separation plate is made uniform.

3. Separation box: wall panel, column, exit reinforcement frame, separation layer, support frame, strut frame and cover plate, which are superimposed by bolts to form a whole, supported on the support adjustment mechanism, so that the layers are separated. The movement is consistent.

4. Discharging device: It is connected to the outlet end of the separation box. It is equipped with a grading and seasoning plate and a flap. The movement adjustment is flexible, and the separation quality can be conveniently controlled.

5. Support adjustment mechanism: It consists of two sets of support rods, support shaft and eccentric lifting mechanism. The upper part is connected with the support frame and the lower part is connected with the base frame to form a parallelogram shape, and the left and right symmetry makes the movement of the separation box smooth and uniform. The eccentric lifting mechanism can flexibly adjust the lateral inclination of the separation box (14°~18°) to meet the needs of the process effect.

6. Eccentric transmission mechanism: It consists of main shaft, eccentric sleeve, drafting rod, drafting shaft, large and small bearing seat, balance wheel and balance pulley. The small bearing seat is connected with the support frame, the large bearing seat is connected with the machine base, and the balance pulley is driven by the motor to realize the lateral reciprocating movement of the separation box body.

7. Spring buffer device: It consists of a tension spring bracket, a tension spring puller, a tension spring, etc., which acts as a buffer for the moving separation box.

8. Base: It is folded from the plate and welded into a whole. The motor is installed on the frame, which is safe, beautiful and convenient. Related reading: MGCZ series double body strength grain coarse separation sieve

Through the above introduction, I believe that you have an understanding of the components of the gravity valley separator and the function of each component. If you want to know the price of various gravity grain coarse separation screens, please click: Grain Granular Gravity Screen