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sunfield 15SA new combined rice milling machine

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Update time : 2019-03-04 11:45:51
sunfield 15SA new combined rice milling machine has eight distinctive advantages and energy-saving principle.

1, increase in addition to miscellaneous grain bucket can be installed on the ground, if conditions can also be installed in the ground, from the pain of carrying grain. The electric motor of the rice huller is equipped with a special and beautiful safety cover with three layers of accelerating screen below to remove the sand and gravel from the rice, which solves the problem of more and more wide use of harvesters and more and more serious problems of sand and gravel in the rice, and obviously prolongs the life of the rice huller and all the machinery.
sunfield 15SA new combined rice milling
2, the use of grain to transport rice, because the distance is long, a waste of time, waste of electricity, but also led to the grain produced a great wear and tear. The complete set of sunfield 15SA new rice husker can move rice without lifting it, and the rice can be quickly and directly conveyed to the rice huller by the stone removing machine, which can fully protect the durability and power saving of the rice. The stone removing machine is equipped with a special equipment for inversely selecting and feeding rice. In order to prevent most glutinous rice from being mixed with glutinous rice and affecting its purity, it is not necessary to use the stone removing machine to move rice directly into the rice hulling machine for early hulling and milling.
3. Chinese patented rice huller with high quality, strong and durable structure. It is equipped with big bran separator with double head switch. According to the requirements of users, the big bran can be blown out or mixed with the meat bran powder.
4, gravity valley rough separator, with three gear switch handle, very strong, rice speed express, the first regulation of the rough net fast flow, the second valley rough separator net rough slow, it can timely supply to the original fast flow. The third function is to remove husks quickly by transferring half hulled rice into a rice huller in advance and to finish as soon as possible, thus saving time, electricity and work.
5, strong wind brown rice milling machine is the use of high pressure wind from both ends of the rice machine coordinate washing white rice, making white rice clean and bright, less bran powder content, low temperature, the best of both sides, still high rate of rice, less broken rice, no sand and stone process is reasonable, is the first national patent white rice machine.
6. Crushing machine -- complete and general accessories, with chaff matching device (patented technical design), special thickening of pipe elbow, specially equipped with rice milling machine. Also can process feed independently very convenient.
7, broken rice classification (size broken rice) with three layers of different mesh line network, equipped with automatic switching equipment, do not need to change the screen, can choose any kind of broken rice, you choose, the machine since the launch of the market, by the majority of new and old users of love.
8. Power-saving king bran matching device (high-density bran matching system), which is an unprecedented high-tech product, is responsible for the two functions of bran filling and bran matching. It is rugged, less expensive, USES less power, and is safe and reliable. With big bran flow regulation function, and uniform, smooth, smooth never blocking, the powder beyond the same type of crusher, full of magic.

Respect of the customer door, hope don't force installation blow water, inferior, false brand rice machine but influence return, want to use oneself snow bright eyes, sober mind, make up one's mind to install strong farming combination rice machine can't wrong.