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Rice milling machine complete set of equipment prices

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Update time : 2018-12-29 16:40:26
Hunan rice milling machine complete set of equipment price, hunan qiangnong machinery to provide 15 tons of daily output, 30 tons of rice milling machine complete set of equipment. Is specializ in the production of new type of rice milling machine, rice rolling machine, rice beating machine, rice stripping machine, new combination of rice machine, small rice milling machine, small rice beating machine, large rice beating machine, rice milling machine, rice milling machine complete set of equipment, rice milling machine complete set of equipment price.

Hunan qiangnong grain machine business department has been selling household rice polisher for a long time, which mainly relies on the friction between grains and grains, as well as between grains and rollers. The roll of small rice mill is horizontal and made of chilled iron. There are several convex and slightly oblique bars on the surface of the roller of the rice crusher, which play the role of whitening. At the feed end, the mill bars play the role of pushing the rice flow. The rice sieve is semicircular, and the upper half of the rice machine cover is composed of a cylinder, white meters by radial discharge. There are two convex straight rolling bars on the surface of the roller of this machine. During rice milling, the air flow flows through the hollow shaft and gush trough to the white milling chamber, which plays a cooling role. The feed end is fitted with a screw propeller.

The rice sieve of small rice milling machine is hexagonal cylinder, and the white rice is discharged from the axis. The linear speed of the roller is low, generally about 2.5 ~ 5 m/s; Grind white indoor pressure is big, rice grain surface is bright and clean, but broken rice is more. The milling rice has low temperature and less bran powder. Rice milling machine is mainly by carborundum roller or mortar on the dense sharp sand grains on the grinding and cutting of rice grains to remove the chaff layer. The linear speed of the roller is high, generally about 10 ~ 16 m/s. White room pressure is lower, the surface of the rice grain is rough, but less broken rice.

Groove section is serrated. V - shaped or semi - circular. Rice sieve is cylindrical, with rectangular or semicircular section of the steel rice cutter, the household rice polisher has an adjustable whole long rice knife and a few short rice knives composed of rotating Angle of two kinds of moving rice knife. White rice exit has axial direction and radial two kinds. We are looking for a small rice milling machine manufacturer, which can process white rice, brown rice, germ rice, the rice yield is more than 75%, small size, rice milling machine noise is small, civil electricity. Mobile, suitable for small grain shops.