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What processes are included in the rice processing equipment

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Update time : 2019-01-02 15:38:14
In order to meet people's requirements for rice quality, the process of processing rice into rice has become more and more refined. In order to prevent stones and debris from appearing in rice, it is necessary to remove the stones and debris from the rice. In order to reduce the broken rice rate of rice and increase the output, our rice milling process must also be perfect. So what is the processing process of rice? Let us introduce to you: What processes are included in the rice processing equipment?

1. Paddy cleaning - essential for removing unwanted foreign matter, rice cleaning is very important for guaranteed normal operation; rice passes through a series of sieves and provides a closed-circuit suction system to remove dust and light impurities by positive suction And undesired materials, which are heavier than rice (but similar in size) pass through a slag remover/gravity separator. This machine works according to the principle of specific gravity. Stones and other heavier impurities flow upward through mechanical movements to the outlet, and the millet separates downwards.

2. Rice husking - The streamlined rice stream is directed into a pair of rubber rolls that rotate in opposite directions at different speeds. The horizontal inward pressure on the corrugating roller is pneumatically applied. Due to the difference in rotating seeds, shear forces are generated on the surface of the hull (both sides of the rubber are rubber rollers), destroying the surface/hull. The lower specific gravity shell is then separated from the brown rice by a closed circuit suction system. This process causes breakage of brown rice. Although proper horizontal inward pressure is an important factor in crushing or rice, the efficiency of shelling is equally important and should be maintained between 75% and 85%.

3. Grain separation - The surface of the rice is smoother than the rough rice surface. This difference in surface texture is used to separate brown rice from brown rice by a rice separator. A smooth textured grain surface with a high width is removed along with precise sized red particles.
What processes are included in the complete rice processing equipment?
4, brown rice whitening - rubbing with a rough surface made of sand with a specific grid size. The rough corundum removes the brown bran layer. The radial speed of the stone wheel, the grid size of the stone, the gap between the stone surface and the other stencils, and the external pressure of the whitening machine outlet chamber determine the degree of whiteness. If pneumatically transported to a separate room for further processing/storage, the bran layer is removed from the surface.

5, rice polishing - the surface of white rice is still rough, the humidified rice is polished by a polishing machine. This process involves rubbing the rice noodles with another rice surface with a mysterious air between the two faces as a lubricant. Usually a modified version of this process is used to create an ultra-fine silk-like finish on the rice surface.

6. Rice Grading - The rice is removed from the entire rice by a cylindrical indentation screen that rotates at a specific speed. The broken/small particles embedded in the indentations of the rotating cylinder are lifted by centrifugal force, and gravity drops the particles into the grooves. Adjusting the rotation speed and angle of the groove can change the average length of the grain.

7. Beige sorting - Beige sorting machine removes rice grains of variegated rice from colored grains. A photosensor/CCD (Charge Coupled Device) sensor generates a voltage signal when observing the color-changing particles, and then removes it by air jet generated by the solenoid valve.

Generally, the commercial rice in the market must be processed through these seven processes. Through the above introduction, I believe that you have already understood the processes involved in the rice processing equipment. General small rice processing equipment has a combination of clear stone machine, rubber roller mill, grain coarse separation sieve, sand roller rice milling machine, broken rice separation sieve, lifting unit and other components, large rice processing equipment will also Plus polishing machine, setting machine, automatic baler and other equipment to improve the appearance and texture of white rice. Learn more about equipment:
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