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Sunfield Machinery Co.,LTD was appointed to visit Africa countries with Mr. Xu Dazhe Hunan Province

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Update time : 2018-07-26 15:26:36
        20th- 29th, June in 2018, the delegation led by Mr. Xu Dazhe, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Hunan Province visited Uganda, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. Regarded as the main force of export business of Hunan Agricultural Machinery, Hunan Sunfield Machinery Co.,LTD was appointed to visit Africa countries with Mr. Xu Dazhe.
   As Mr. Xu Dazhe said in many occasions, Hunan Province should focus on Road and Belt Initiative and blend in it actively to realize  higher quality of "bringing in" and higher efficiency of “going out”. Uganda and Ethiopia are inland countries in Africa, advanced agriculture technology is required desperately because of the abundant resources of agriculture development. Nigeria is a country which has the largest population and vast market in Africa, it is looking for solutions for grain all the time.

        On the premise of this situation, Sunfield Machinery Co.,LTD will take advantage of agricultural machinery and take different desires and practical usage in Africa into consideration, to solve the technical problems in agricultural machinery in Africa, and provide series of agricultural machinery solutions.

          Sunfield Machinery Co.,LTD obtained a lot during the visit to Africa with Mr. Xu Dazhe, We not only signed orders with companies in Africa but also get better understanding of African market. Meanwhile, we visited many local distributors and customers in order to develop new products and improve customer services.