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Great Product Quality, Improved Service Levels Helps Sunfield Machinery Harvesting on The 121st Spring Canton Fair

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Update time : 2017-04-20 17:20:00
In recent years, the traditional foreign trade has been strongly affected by the web-based suppliers, the fair-attending marketing has been weak. But we have to admit that the traditional Canton Fair is still a very important opportunity for foreign trade orders. Hunan Sunfield Machinery pay close attention to product quality, improve service levels, with excellent product quality and efficient service, Sunfield has been fruited in the 121st Spring Canton Fair.
The 6NF40-F26 combined rice mill and 6NF40 single rice mill are independently developed by Sunfield in Lean production, which have the characteristics of exquisite appearance, high efficiency of rice milling, low broken rate, convenient disassembly and maintenance, and logistics cost saving etc., meeting the key demands of foreign market and obtained The high attention of new and old customers and harvested a large number of orders in the 121st Spring Canton Fair.