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Delivery of the order singed during the visit to Africa at 11 AM 18th,July. 2018

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Update time : 2018-07-24 15:19:19
The celebration of the delivery of the order signed during the visit to Africa with the delegation of Mr. Xu Dazhe, the Governor of
Hunan Province and Sunfield new premises opening was held by Hunan Sunfield Machinery Co.,LTD. at 11 AM 18th,July. 2018.
The leaders of Changsha Economic & Technical and Hexiang Science &Technology Park witnessed the ceremony on the spot and
gave best wishes to Sunfield Machinery Co.,LTD. The Ceremony was hosted by Mr. Wang Luhua, the general manager of Sunfield
Machinery Co.,Ltd. Mr. Wang Luhua made a speech based on the specialty of trade in Africa and the guiding ideology of Mr.Xu
Dazhe, the Governor of Hunan Province who made the business development strategy during the visit to Africa. Mr. Wang Luhua
also formulated specific deployment of improving the export process of products and customer experience further, and making
propaganda for new products.

Mr. Wang Luhua accompanied the leaders and guests to visit the new factory together after the ceremony, Sunfield Machinery
Co.,LTD was highly praised by the leaders and guests for the achievement made from its establishment till now, and the staffs of
Sunfield were encouraged to make persistent efforts for greater prosperity. The staffs of Sunfield will always stay true to the
mission and contribute strength to the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of agriculture development in Africa.