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M80 Mini Rice Color Sorter Machine

M80 6SXM-80 Rice Color Sorter It has a wide range of sorting material like rice, sticky rice, parboiled rice, barley rice, yellow rice, sesame, corn flakes and black rice etc.

● Introduction:
It has a wide range of sorting material like rice, sticky rice, parboiled rice, barley rice, yellow rice, sesame, corn flakes and black rice etc.
● Massive Data
Create open massive database, store unlimited amount of integrated and extensive material selection solution platform, realize one machine multiple selection, single channel flexible ratio to achieve secondary sorting, household type to meet the demand for production and quality of small grain processing sorting. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as rice, hard rice, red rice and black rice to create product application value for customers to the maximum extent and share the convenience and commercial value in the era of big data.
●Dropbox Interconnection System
Thanks to AMD cloud service technical platform, remote control, operation, maintenance, software upgrade can be achieved, and it can detect and solve the LED light, electronical, mechanical and adjustment problems. It also can provide real-time online tracking service for the machine operation monitoring, data acquisition and online instruction.
●Intelligent Image Acquisition System
International cuting: edge industry dedicated 5400*3*12K full-color high-speed line scan imaging CCD sensor, can provide up to 194.4 million pixels of high- definition images per second, the color selection of the international top suppliers to accurately identify the 0.04mm2 fine spots, to meet the high-end color selection requirements of white belly, white core at the same time, separate separation.
●Intelligent Image Processing System
The world's 1eading full-color linear array scanning technology and multi line pipeline processing technology to solve the problem. Use multiple itelligent algorithm, high
accuracy sorting special for small speck. light yellow, chalky. discolor. Smart Dust-extraction Design The patented inelligent dust-extraction system can rapidly remove light objects and dusts adhered to the materials, for which ensuring the sorting accuracy and improving machine efficiency.
●Smart Magnetic High Frequency Solenoid Valve
Independently developed high frequency electromagnetic valve with color selection and intelligent magnetic control, creating a leading intelligent lever flexible return technology to replace the traditional pneumatic return function, no internal leakage, no leakage of airflow; The original superconducting magnetic application, start-up control and current limiting technology save about 70% power consumption and 20% gas consumption compared with ordinary solenoid valves in the industry; The application of new high wear resistant materials ensures the liftime use of matching equipment and creates the best output benefit
●Light Source
The latest and original itelligent LED shadow cold light source system design, so that small spots, shallow water yellow, white belly, white core, needle point black without hiding. easier to identify, easier to judge, more accurate effect, design 1ong life, high luminous eficiency, strong anti-interference stability, without preheating.
●Intelligent Dimming System
The advanced digital intelligent dimming technology can automatically match the best brightness according to the material selection requirements and the changes of the environment to guarantee the sorting performance. 

●Technical parameter:
Name ZK-80
Model 6SXM-80B
Capacity (t/h) 1-2
Voltage(V) AV220V/51HZ
Power(kw) 0.5-0.8
Weight (KG) 270
Overall dimension (LxW xH, mm) 857x 1550 x 1320

●Color sorter effect:

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