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ZK-A3 automatic vacuum shaping machine

ZK-A3 automatic vacuum shaping machine application range: rice, feed, food, chemical and other industries to level and vacuum the material bags that have been completely sealed and packaged, to achieve beautiful, fresh, anti-deterioration effect, and easy

ZK-A3 Automatic vacuum shaping machine

Basic parameters:
Model specification: ZK-A3
Packing range: 0.5-5KG
Packing speed: ≥200 (package / H)
Power consumption: 380V 50Hz 2.5KW
Gas consumption: 0.4-0.6MPA
Compressed air: 1 cubic meter / hour
Dimensions: length 1834X width 730X height 2260 (mm)

With conveyor, automatic weighing, vibration feeding

K-A3 Auto Vacuum Shaping Packing Machine

ZK-A3 Features

High precision, stable performance and easy operation.

The adaptive software, having the function of automatic control parameters setting, automatic 

drop revising, over - weight warning and auto diagnosis.

Electromechanical integrated design, auto weighing, filling, vacuum shaping, sealing and 

conveying can be completed.

Vacuum shaping after rationed packing, saving operation time to increases effect.

Good vacuum shaping and heat sealing, high rate of success.


It is suitable for vacuum shaping packing of rice, fodder, food and chemical industry,etc.  In order to reach the effect of pleasing to eye, keeping fresh, 

preventing deterioration and easy transportation.

ZK-A3 Automatic vacuum shaping machine

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