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CTNM20 complete set rice milling machine with polisher for mill plant

CTNM20 complete set of rice processing equipment,Removing impurities by tumbling, removing stones by specific gravity, hulling and separating rough rice, milling and grading rice at one time

CTNM20 complete set of rice processing equipment

Removing impurities by tumbling, removing stones by specific gravity, hulling and separating rough rice, milling and grading rice at one time
1. Product introduction
The complete set of combined rice milling equipment consists of TZQY54 type cylinder cleaning sieve, QSX45 type specific gravity stone removing machine, 6-inch rubber roller rice huller, rough rice separating screen, sand roller rice milling machine, broken rice separating screen and lifting unit. With excellent brown rice separation and whitening effect, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high efficiency, less residue; The machine has the function of brown rice straight out, providing users with flexible function collocation, at the same time, the machine can be matched with the follow-up white rice multi-stage separation screen, polishing machine, color selection machine to get more functions and better milling effect.
1 Inlet (excavable pit with upper edge level with the ground) 2 Single elevator
3 TZQY54 cylinder cleaning sieve 4 QSX45 specific gravity stone remover
5 Double hoist 6 MLGT20 moving rubber roller rice huller
7 MGCZ70*6 gravity grain roughness separator 8 Type 15 strong sand roller rice mill
9 Sieve the broken rice 10 Electric cabinet
2.Parts to introduce
Unique combination of stone removal machine
◆Separate design for removing impurities and removing stones, the use effect is much better than the traditional integrated design;
◆The cleaning part adopts multi-layer drum screen mechanism, high cleaning efficiency, clean up; It is an ideal equipment for removing fine mixed stones.
◆The stone-removing part adopts the design of large air volume and suction air, with large air volume and excellent stone-removing effect;
◆High strength vibration absorption bearing configuration, the fuselage movement is stable, firm and reliable, small vibration, low noise, less dust.

Efficient husking and low noise rice huller
◆The double support moving gearbox husker integrates the variable speed reducer and the moving tight roller device to avoid the problem of coordination and cooperation between the swinging gears.
◆The rate of one-time shell breaking exceeds 90%;
◆Cots longer life, convenient operation and adjustment, high transmission efficiency, low noise, high stability.
Innovative sand roller rice mill
◆Sand roller rice polisher adopts large diameter hollow spindle and innovative "sand roller whitening" design;
◆Strong pull fan, low temperature of rice, more clean, and effectively improve the gloss of rice and reduce broken rice rate;
◆Lower operation height, more convenient operation, convenient daily maintenance.
Stable gravity grain roughness separator
◆Large screen design, fast separation speed, uniform distribution;
◆The sieving surface can be adjusted both horizontally and longitudinally, which is suitable for all kinds of rice.
◆Less hulling, effectively reducing broken rice rate.

3. Main features of the product

  • Integral base mechanism, convenient transportation and installation, smooth operation, small space occupation;

  • The unique design of "hulling of surplus grain" can improve the processing efficiency of small batch of supplied materials.

  • Innovative sand roller whitening, low temperature rice, less rice bran, improve rice precision;

  • Humanized process, simple operation, easy operation;

  • Independent and safe electronic control system, more convenient operation;

  • Improved transmission system extends the service life of wearing parts;

  • It can be equipped with secondary milling system, rice grading system and color separation system to improve the quality of polished rice.

  • Less investment pays more.

4. Technical parameters



The rated output( kg/h)


Form a complete set of power (kW)


Milled rice rate


Broken rice rate


Size of cots (diameter*width)


Sand roll size (diameter*length)


Machine weight (kg)


Working size (length*width*height) (mm)


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