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6LN-15/8.5SR  combined rice mill with diesel engine

6LN-15/8.5SR   COMBINED DE-HULLING AND RICE MILLING EQUIPMENT,Including Cleaning Sieve, De-stoner, Rubber Roller Husker, Steel Roller Husker for ONE–TIME Operation

Including Cleaning Sieve, De-stoner, Rubber Roller Husker, Steel Roller Husker for ONE–TIME Operation
1.Product Introduction

6LN-15/8.5SR Combined De-hulling and Rice Milling Equipment combined with Horizontal Cleaning Sieve,Blow Type De-stoner, Rubber Roller Husker,Steel Roller Rice Mill, and Double Elevator. It features great cleaning, de-stoning, and rice whitening performance, compacted structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and high productivity, reducing the leftovers at the maximum level.

1 Paddy Inlet 2 Double elevator
3 Horizontal cleaning sieve 4 QS35 De-stoner
5 6’Rubber Roller Husker 6 8.5 Type Steel Roller Rice Mill

If you want to improve the rice quality, we recommend follow up optional equipment
Rice Grader
◆The multi-layer rice grader is applied to grade the milled rice by fine rice, heavily broken rice and lightly broken rice.
◆It also applies to the separation of the similar partial materials.

Color sorter
The color sorter sorts out small lesion, rice husk, grass seed, light yellow rice, white belly rice, mildewed rice and stones from fine rice efficiently.

2.Product Features

  • Unibody base designed for convenient transportation and installation, stable operation, low space occupation;
  • Unique Horizontal cleaning sieve equipped, sufficiently cleans out all sizes impurities mixed in paddy;
  • High performance rubber roller husker and chaff separating system.
  • Steel Roller whitening, more glowing less bran leftovers.
  • Reasonable processing layout design, convenient paddy intaking system, one man operates the whole process.
  • One electric motor or single cylinder diese l engine driven, suitable for power shortage area.
  • Improved transmission system extended wearing parts lifespan.
  • Rice color sorting and grading system optional for better rice quality.
  • Low investment high yield.

3.Technical Parameters

Model 6LN-15/8.5SR
Rated output 500-700 kg/h
Rice milling rate 65-70%
Small broken rice rate 4%
Rubber roller dimension 6inches
Steel roller dimension 85mm
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 1500*750*2500 mm
Overall weight 450 kg
Power Electric Motor 18.5 KW
Diesel Engine 30hp


4.Flow Chart

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