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CTNM30 Complete Set Rice Milling Machine

  • Features:
  • Characteristics: It’s used for combined cleaner, good craft, de-stones drastically, lower energy consumption, less investment
  • Husking rate of husker is high, less broken rice, convenient operation, little noise
  • It adopts our company’s featured whitener - Model 15A, high milled rice rate, less broken rice, milled rice rate is higher 2% than same kinds of products, precision is higher half grade than other same manufacturers, it also can choose model 14 whitener to match
  • It fully adopts national standard materials, long using life, fault rate is small, craft performance is steady and reliable
  • It adopts steel frame platform, structure is compact and reasonable, it not only has good appearance, but convenient operation and maintenance, simple installation, it has serial models of 30B, 30C can be chose, and it has convenient craft to add subsequent machines to improve high grade rice.
  • Technical Parameter:
Model & Specification CTNM30C
Capacity (t/d) 30
Cleaner & De-stoner TQLQ75
Husker MLGT20
Paddy Separator MGCZ×7
Whitener NF15A(2sets)
Rice grader MMJP63×3
Polisher MP30
Power (kW) 94.5
External dimension (mm) 11000x×3500×5000

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