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CTNM20 Complete Set Rice Mill

CTNM20 Complete Set Rice Mill
  • This machine is one of the newest serial complete set rice mill designed by our company, the daily capacity is 20 tons.
  • It has simple and convenient operation mode, bigger and fluent elevator, efficient and wide de-stoner, balanced press and oilless husker, paddy separator with huge treatment capacity, and steady whitener with strong performance. These conditions ensure that this machine is situated in top situation for small and medium size. It indicates that it’s the top choice model for small and medium rice processing plant in domestic at present based on comprehensive marking information.
  • This machine can be formed serial products for supplying follow-up machines successfully to improve rice grade conveniently for users base on their requests.

Technical Parameters:
Model &Specification CTNM20A CTNM20B CTNM20C
Capacity(t/d) 20 20 20
Cleaner &De-stoner TQLQ60 TQLQ60 TQLQ60
Husker MLGT15 MLGT15 MLGT15
Paddy Separator MGCZ80×5 MGCZ80×5 MGCZ80×5
Whitener NF15A(1sets) NF15A(2sets) NF15A(2sets)
Rice Grader / MMJP50×2 MMJP50×2
Polisher / / MCMG14
Power(kw) 25 42.25 65
External Dimension(mm) 3000×2500×3900 5000×2500×3900 6000×2500×3900
Flow diagram

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